I have walked this way before

And it was all that I hated

And so that was never the way

I could go. As you scold my

Burn when I come here to rest

And then re-die.




Alone in the white

Snow that they love

As they play to their knowing

That they can do their thoughts.

That they have seen and want to

Become better than those that

Gave them to them.

Pushing long breathes like

The warriors

Alone in the white

That they see and read about

In the stories and

Their eyes tear from the cold

And they thrill in the cold

Under the sun and complete their thoughts

And their duties in the wind of myths

That make them




A Last Drop3

Choice and will, will always move in just time.
Flitting flesh, starved souls that have believed
Their dwelling for freedom, flesh delights its own,
Though weeps while it dances and leaves wanting
The soul liberation, its dwelling its peace.
For these are painless, forget not her pounding.

She is in harmony, with each strike pounding
In skin, theirs, our skin, hosting hope, thrashing time
By throat, “This is not what you promised!” peace
Knows only those who host chaos, that believed
Something, a Starve, the Feeder, wanting
Is nature tearing tarnished skin. Its own.

Resting Home



Try longer friend, to fight my curse to stay.
Today I speak the guilt of something dead,
That lives with breath to whir my ways.
Dry thirst I quenched in hope of fate; ahead
At resting home, cry destiny for me!
Enlightened mind of weary, pain will thrive
Off pride; hold captive peace and set it free.
My love now hear, thy voice keeps love alive,
With forever presence, there be no end.
We reach but only with the other’s hand
Affirmed; persist now please, try longer friend
To stay. I love you, and curse that began
Can fall; I will revel in what has grown
In faith that will take us to resting home.